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Congrats on having purchased Roku recently. So, the next step to make the most out of your Roku player is to pair the speakers with it. Roku player is one of the best media streamers available in the market. However, by far the Roku has more focus on the video content than on the audio features. However, with the introduction of Roku wireless speakers the tables seem to turn. The custom-built sound works superbly with the Roku TV.

So, you can connect the speakers with Roku TV and enjoy the best sound quality. But if you need any assistance you can also visit speaker pair help and technical support team for Roku. 

Talking about the Roku speakers, these are Bluetooth speakers however, the only downside is that they can only connect with Roku TV. So, that means these speakers are just designed to provide an audio system for Roku TV.

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Pairing Roku Wireless Speakers | Speaker Pair Help

To use the features of the Wireless Speakers for Roku you need to pair it first. There are a few steps involved in the pairing of the Roku speakers. But if you need more help and assistance then get in touch with the experts at speaker help. They will guide you step by step and help you in pairing the speakers.

  • The first step is to download/install the Roku app on your device.
  • Then, you also need to check if the Roku is connected to the same internet connection as the device.
  • Then go to the Roku app and search for Roku player.
  • Try creating a Bluetooth audio connection.
  • Then on the Roku app choose the remote option.
  • This shall allow the audio to play on the player.

If this does not work then you can always visit speaker pair help and support team to guide you through the pairing steps. However, if this does not work, we also have another method that can help in connecting the Bluetooth speakers with the Roku.

  • Plugin the speakers into the power outlet.
  • Press/hold the power button on the Roku remote for 10 seconds. You will get a message of pairing completed.
  • You can similarly pair the remaining speakers.

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You do not need to switch on the speakers, every time you switch on the Roku the speakers are automatically turned on. You can use the Roku remote to control the rest of the features. However, the Roku speakers do come with remote control as well, which offers a few features for the users. But if you face any issue in pairing Roku wireless speakers then feel free to visit speaker pair help.

The Roku speakers are designed to offer amazing sound quality. Along with that, the Roku speakers can also be accessed using the Roku settings of the Roku TV menu without having to use any of the remotes.

Features of Roku Speakers 

Though Roku wireless speakers can only be used on Roku TV they offer amazing sound quality. So, rather than opting for Roku in-built speakers pairing the wireless speakers is a great option to consider. If you want a quick step by step guide for pairing the speakers visit speaker help. 
Once you complete the pairing you can enjoy some of the most amazing features offered by Roku speakers.

Powerful, High-End Sound Quality

The Roku speakers are designed to offer high frequency and superb bass. The speakers offer clear sound and are very easy to pair with the Roku TV.

Easy to Complete the Wireless Setup

The Roku speakers can be easily set up through wireless input with the Roku TV.

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Bluetooth Streaming Option

 The Bluetooth streaming option allows you to listen to whatever you want with the highest sound quality.

Easy to Setup

The speakers are not very bulky so you can set them up in limited space and even place them on the wall.

Voice Remote Option

You can use the remote to listen to whatever you want. The remote TV voice control allows you to have complete control of the speakers.

Roku Touch Table Top Remote Option

The Roku touch tabletop remote makes it easier to control the speakers within the range.

In this blog, we have steps that you can follow to pair the speakers with Roku TV. In case you are facing any difficulty in pairing the speakers you can get a quick solution to resolve this problem. Visit speaker pair help and technical support team to guide you through the steps.

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