Roku Remote Stopped Working

Roku Remote Stopped Working | What Steps you Can Take to Fix it?

So, you are ready to binge-watch your favorite TV shows, and all of a sudden, the Roku remote not working? What can you do now? Luckily, there are troubleshooting solutions that you can try to fix the issue. However, you must know that there can be several reasons why the Roku remote is not working.

It also depends on the type of Roku remote you are using. So, depending on that the troubleshooting solutions you should try. Therefore, the first thing that you need to know before trying the troubleshooting solutions in which Roku remote you are using.

In this blog, we are going to cover the basic troubleshooting solutions that you need to follow to resolve the Roku remote is not working problem. However, if you experience this issue frequently or if you need a quick response then getting in touch with the Roku technicians is the best thing to do.

Know About the Roku Remote you are Using?

As mentioned earlier in the blog, the Roku remote problems depend on the type of the remote you are using. Here are the two Roku remotes you can use.

Enhanced Remote: A remote that has a pairing button comes under the enhanced remote category.

Standard Remote: A remote that works on infrared and does not have a pairing remote comes under this category.

Here we are going to discuss the solutions to fix some of the methods that can fix issues with an enhanced and infrared remote.

How to Fix Enhanced Roku Remote Stopped Working Problem?

So, if you are facing issues with enhanced Roku remote then you can try the troubleshooting mentioned below.

Try Restarting the Roku Remote and the Device

The first thing that you need to try to fix enhanced Roku remote is not working problem is to restart the remote and the devices.

Remove the battery of the remote.

Then, take out the power plug of the Roku device. Wait for 10 seconds and then plug in the power cord.

When you see the home screen on the Roku device put the batteries in the Roku remote.

Then check if the Roku remote issue is fixed or not.

Change the Batteries of the Roku Remote

Another most common reason why Roku remote stopped working could be drained batteries. So, make sure to check the batteries as it could be the reason for the issue in the Roku remote.

Take out the old batteries from the compartment.

Then take out the power cord, wait for a few seconds and then re-connect to establish a connection.

Then insert the new batteries in the Roku remote and check if the problem is resolved.

Try Repairing the Roku Remote

If you are facing Roku remote not pairing problem then you must try to repair it to fix the problem. You can repair the Roku remote by following a few steps.

Take out the batteries from the remote.

Take out the power cord, wait for some time and then plug in the device.

Once you see the Roku device on the screen then insert the batteries in the compartment.

Then press/ hold the pairing button. You can find the pair button inside the battery compartment. If you see the light then you do not need to change the battery but if there is not light the light.

Wait for some time for the remote to create a connection.

Now, the remote pairing must be completed.

Verify the HDMI Connection

The Roku streaming stick needs to be inserted into the HDMI port of the TV for it to function properly. However, if the device is plugged into the HDMI port directly then it can result in few issues.

To resolve the problem, you need to use an HDMI extension, that comes with the Roku device. You can also try plugging the Roku streaming stick on another HDMI port if the TV has one, to fix Roku remote not pairing issue.

Try Replacing the Remote

If nothing seems to work then you must replace the Roku remote. Make sure the remote you buy is compatible with the Roku device.

Troubleshooting Solutions for Infrared Roku Remote is Not Working

If you are facing a problem with the IR Roku remote then the main reason for this issue is that something is blocking the IR signals of the remote. However, there can be other reasons as well for Roku remote not pairing problem so you need to try the troubleshooting methods to fix this issue.

Check if Something is Blocking the IR Signals

One of the most common reasons why the Roku IR remote stopped working is if there is an obstacle that is blocking the signals and that could be the main reason.

So, make sure there is nothing blocking or interfering with the signals. You can also try placing the Roku remote at an elevated position to receive better signals. Also, make sure whenever you use the Roku remote it is pointing towards the screen.

Check the Batteries of the Remote

Another thing that you need to check is the batteries of the remote. Many times, drained batteries can be the reason why Roku remote is not working. So, make sure to change the batteries whenever you need to. If the Roku remote is still not working then you will have to buy a new one.

However, you can also get in touch with the Roku technical support team for a technical solution for the remote issue.

roku support

Get a Roku Technical Solution?

So, if you have tried all the methods mentioned above to fix enhanced and IR Roku remote problems but nothing seems to work. Then you need to get help from the technical support team for Roku.

The Roku technicians have the right knowledge, experience and skills that can help in fixing Roku remote stopped working problem as well as if your Roku remote not pairing.

You must know the just like any other streaming device Roku remote is not working is a common problem. But. Sometimes to fix this issue you need a technical solution. So, getting help from the Roku tech experts is the best thing you can do.

The most effective method to Pair Roku Remote | Using a Roku IR Remote

How to Pair Roku Remote In the event that your Roku gadget accompanies an IR remote, embed the batteries (either AA or AAA), at that point and push the catches you have to utilize. No extra blending is required.

How to Pair Roku Remote If the IR remote isn’t working, perused our Working? Investigating aide, and attempt these tips:

How To Fix Roku Remote Pairing Issues

• You can probe your cell phone in regards to the investigating. On the off chance that your cell phone has a camera, at that point your remote at the camera and press a couple of catches on the remote, on the off chance that you see the blazing light originating from remote on your cell phone screen then your remote will work.

How to pair a Roku remote that isn’t pairing automatically

Step by step instructions how to Pair Roku Remote You can likewise attempt this with an advanced camera or camcorder with a LCD viewfinder/screen.

• Don’t neglect to check the remote sensor on Roku, on the off chance that your Roku isn’t working, at that point possibly the sensor is the issue. Perhaps it’s faulty.

How to Pair Your Roku Remote Control

Re-Pairing/Resetting Your Remote – How to Pair Roku Remote

Do this on the off chance that you need to reset or fix the remote with your Roku:

• Disconnect Roku from control and reconnect following five seconds.

• If you see the home menu on your television screen, simply embed the batteries into your remote, yet leave the battery compartment open.

How to Pair Roku Remote? Easy Instruction

• Find the ideal spot of the matching catch in the battery compartment of the remote – How to Pair Roku Remote

The most effective method to Pair Roku Remote So, you might be pondering Roku remote matching, you attempted a great deal yet no utilization. Each Roku player accompanies a Roku remote that is as of now combined to do legitimate work.

Roku remote pairing and troubleshooting

There are times when you need to combine another remote however you don’t have a clue what to do. All you know is the supplanting choice.

Step by step instructions to Pair Roku Remote For matching your Roku remote, you should simply restart the Roku player, press and hold the reset catch in remotes battery for around 3 seconds. A glance at the Roku players:

How to Pair Roku Remote – Roku players-both gushing boxes and spilling sticks, these assistance you in turning your customary television to a keen television. They let you stream content from a large number of online channels on your television.

The most effective method to Pair Roku Remote Instead of viewing the Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and like on your telephone or tablet, you can sit on the couch and appreciate those stations on the television.

Your Roku remote concocts a little remote control (which consistently works) there might be any circumstances wherein it doesn’t work like, not maneuvering carefully, tossing the remote or not utilizing it for quite a while.

Be that as it may, there are additionally not many cases, on the off chance that you purchase another remote, your Roku player may not remember it. For this situation, you need a “couple” work- How to Pair Roku Remote

Instructions to Pair Roku Remote with Roku player

• Make sure you have new and working batteries in your Roku remote control and you should utilize it intimately with your player.