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Roku Error Code 001

TCLUSA Com Support Settling Roku error code 001 may sound precarious however it isn’t. This guide is a straight forward answer for the error code issue. You may have purchased another spilling player and anticipating making the most of your preferred show on Netflix.

Roku error code 001 You connected the gushing player to a Roku record to begin the framework however you see the error messages directly on your screen. This issue may keep you in strain. This thing is an initiation error  that surfaces while connecting your gadget to a Roku account. This error is known as the Roku Error 001.

How to get the IP address of a site for settling error code 001?

In Windows, you can accomplish a lot of things utilizing the order line. Changing area name to IP address utilizing nslookup order is one of them. You can likewise discover the IP address of any site’s host machine.

1. Roku Error code 001 – Click on the Start button and type cmd in the search box. Press “Enter”.

2. The Windows command prompt will open. Now type nslookup and press enter.

3. It will show you the Yahoo FTP IP address. This is an IP address of the server where is hosted. This way you can search for host machines for other websites

4. If you want to look up the IP address of a website then type nslookup in the command prompt and press enter.

5. Enter the domain name of any website & press enter. It would IP address for that website. For example, I typed and pressed enter. It returned Google’s IP address:

It means if I type in a browser’s address bar, will open.

Reasons why Roku Error Code 001 happens?

Punching an inappropriate code-You may have entered an inappropriate code in the given spot. This may likewise be the situation that the code you are attempting to enter is terminated.

There may be server issues-Your web association may be liable for the error as well. It very well may be a result of the moderate rates when you attempt to interface it to the server. One more reason could be that the server has coordinated out.

Check your server- Make sure your server is doing great and there is no error in this part. Make sure your device is not experiencing a purple screen Roku error.

Arrangement Problems-Always be cautious when your arrangement your Roku gadget, generally your gadget can cause issues.

A poor web association Your web association may not be extremely quick. There might be another explanation as electronic obstruction is on a similar system. On the off chance that your association is working fine, at that point, investigate the switch to guarantee there is nothing amiss with it.

Broken internet- Make sure you properly take care of your network setup. If you are using the wired connection, make sure of using the LAN or Ethernet Link. 

How To Fix the Roku Error 001 | TCLUSA Com Support

Initially, you should note down the link code.

You must use the code in a given time frame as it may expire.

You can use a new link code by using the help menu.

You should check the internet connection in order to resolve the activation issue.

 You can check the ethernet or LAN cable when it is a wired connection.

If a wired connection is not checked properly, you can check the router settings and verify them with stream device when it is wireless.

You can go to the settings menu>open network>check connection.

If it is an issue, you can contact your internet service provider.

Get the IP address of the website using a DNS server.

The second step is to communicate using HTTP data stream after opening an IP socket.

Check if your data is received back by socket

Make use of IP address to reconnect with the server.

Expectation these means will help you in understanding the Roku error code 001. Be that as it may, in the event that you discover any disarray with respect to the Roku specialized help, you may visit a specialist organization TCLUSAComSupport

Fixing the Roku Error Code 001 will be simple for you on the off chance that you visit a group of specialists as well. You can take the assistance of Rokucomlink They likewise give you data about Roku gadgets, their arrangement, establishment, and investigating.

They will assist you with enacting your item and tweak data. They additionally give you the remarkable highlights of the item and ease of use of the item. Their back-end group of specialist organizations is accessible nonstop to give you complete direction about the operability of the item.

Roku Error Code 003

TCLUSA Com Support Individuals experience the Roku error code 003 when the gadget can’t refresh regardless of whether it is associated with the web. Roku Error code 003 likewise happens when you are not ready to interface with numerous channels by utilizing a web association. For the most part there are two primary reasons why you can’t refresh your Roku gadget. One reason is a server at the backend is down or Roku is enduring an intense time in the foundation of a web association.

How to Know Server Problems in Error Code 003 Roku

TCLUSA Com Support Roku Error Code 003 will not let you update the Roku and it has to do with your internet connection. Below are a few reasons why this error occurs

You cannot connect

Server you are hosting experiencing a lag

Server crash for no reason

Other people are not able to connect with your server

Connection gets dropped

It occurs because of network security protocols.

Roku undergoes the server problems at the backend. This problem has been found in the past.

Chances are that the device is not updated with the latest version.

How To Fix Roku Error Code 003 Using TCLUSA Com Support

Solution 1 – Check the Roku server status – Check that your Roku gadget is experiencing any foundation issue or not. In the event that your servers are down or experiencing support, you can’t do anything which will help you in association.

Solution 2 – Use Ethernet- you will find that many devices will feature the option to connect to the network with wireless and wired. You can experiment by first connecting it to wireless mode and if things don’t work then you can just connect the wired mode.

Solution 3 – Change the network security protocol- Roku does not support the AES protocols in network security. There are many cases found when Roku refused to update and shows the Roku Error Code 003 because of the protocol used in the network. 

Open your router setting and open your IP address. This looks something like this

Make sure the security mode is not set as AES in any way. Select the wireless mode in security mode.

After the security mode change, you can see if the changes have solved your problem or not.

These Solutions of Roku Error Code 003 might be useful for you on the off chance that you use them the correct way. On the off chance that things don’t turn out well for you, at that point you should procure specialists. One such group of specialists, which will assist you with taking care of your concern, is TCLUSAComSupport  They will assist you with giving snappy responses to all your Roku issues. Clients can impart their issues to them and they will endeavor to analyze, fix and send your frameworks successfully.

Roku Error Code 005

TCLUSA Com Support Roku error code 005 happens when you update the software or download the software. This Roku error 005 happens when the connection is not working properly.This error code can be easily solved by checking all the connections. You can know more about Roku related errors from our website Roku com support.

Steps for Solving the Roku Error Code 005 | TCLUSA Com Support

Check that you have a great internet connection. Make sure you are not using a bad internet.

Roku error code 005 Check if the device is working with the right network. Possibilities are that if you use a wrong network, your device may not work and it causes error code 005

Make sure you check that your router is working properly by connecting it with a mobile device or a computer. It’s an important step.

Check for the wireless signal strength. The strength should be good too.

Step by Step Instructions to Measure Received Signal Strength to Avoid Error Code 005

You can utilize a Wi-Fi scanner application to measure the got sign quality at a particular area and time. The number you are searching for is the RSSI, which means Received Signal Strength Indicator. On the off chance that you are on a PC running Mac OS X, you can likewise get the RSSI without introducing any extra applications: Press and hold the Alt key while tapping on the Wi-Fi symbol on your status menu. Roku error code 005 On the rundown of accessible systems, discover the name of the system you are associated with, and the association data including RSSI will be shown quickly underneath. In the event that what you are attempting to do is map the sign quality for a whole house or condo, we suggest utilizing a heatmapping instrument as opposed to a Wi-Fi scanner. This apparatus will help you visualize the remote coverage in various pieces of your home.

Solution for Roku Error 005

On the off chance that you are not ready to comprehend what we were attempting to pass on or you have feeling irksome to fathom this error, you can get in touch with us at TCLUSAComSupport. we are the main organization giving the best outcomes to customers as far as specialized help and arrangements. Roku Error  Code 005 We are accessible 24 hours and 7 days and our customer reach are worldwide. Clients trust us and they are our recurrent clients as well.

Roku Error Code 006

Roku device offers great user experience but sometimes it gets stuck by Roku Error Code 006. This article will help you understand how to solve this Roku error code 006 TCLUSA Com Support.

Why Roku Error Code 006 happens?

TCLUSA Com Support Roku error code 006 is caused by misconfigured system files. This usually happens when the computer’s registry system overloads with too much data, or when certain system files become missing or broken.The Software update failed because the verification failed (Roku error code 006).” I have tried power reset and re-downloaded the update several times but just get the error code again.

How to Add Plumbytes for Removing Spam

Plumbytes will help you out in removing spam ware. All you need to do is download the plumbyte software from its website and run it to enjoy spam-free streaming in your device.

Removes Malware

Plumbytes will remove annoying browser extension or toolbars, ad injects, hijackers, spyware and another type of malware.

Restores Browser

It restores your hijacked browser, homepage, search engine and it monitors your computer’s security.

Steps for Fixing the Roku Error 006 | TCLUSA com Support

Check the internet connectivity if its properly connected or not.

Try to restart the system in the way that error can be fixed.

Also, you need to wait for a few minutes after rebooting Roku. It may consume a lot of time to connect with the server.

solution- The other alternative for fixing the Roku error code 006 is by downloading the software regcure. Don’t forget to install the software and click on the scan button. Click on the fix error button when the scan is completed.

Solution – You can run the full system with plum bytes automatically. Plum bytes is the most powerful spyware removal tool in the market. It can help you in detecting various kinds of spyware, malware, viruses, adware from your computer. You can follow the simple’s steps written below for its removal-

Download plum bytes

Install it on your PC. Once you have installed it on your pc, you should launch a plum byte and perform a system scan for your PC.

Click on remove now and all your errors will be removed

Roku error code 006 is easy to remove with the help of above-guided steps and expert advice. We would advise you to visit TCLUSA Com Support if you want expert advice and Roku technical support. It is best to call them and easily get their services. Don’t forget to visit their website. 24 hours and 7-week technical support are available on the web and phone.

Roku Error Code 009

TCLUSA Com Support Roku Error Code 009 Roku player is a gushing gadget that will help you in giving the video content that might be motion pictures, news, sports, serials and substantially more stimulation with the assistance of web associations. Roku error 009 happens when your Roku gadget can’t associate with the web.

How would I Fix Error Code 009 on Roku?

Below are the ways to deal with the concern TCLUSA Com Support Roku error 009:

Check that your internet network is active from another device.

You should modify the DNS settings on your modem. You should scroll down the bottom of the page and you can check the advanced router settings.

How to Change DNS Settings for Error Code 009

Roku Error code 009 If you change the DNS settings on your Roku, it would help you access the channels of Roku which are not available in your region. The basic features of Roku Error 009 will not allow you a setup of DNS via the device. One way to change the DNS setting is to set up the DNS on your router. Here is how you can do it:

Turn Off Router

Open Roku ‘Settings’

Go to ‘System Settings’

Factory Reset’ Roku

Log in to Your Network Router

Change ‘DNS Address

IP routing service and update IP.

Log in to do thisConnect Network VPN

Solve the Error Code 009 on Roku | TCLUSA Com Support

You should examine the connectivity of the internet. Roku Error Code 009 You can use another Roku device for this.

You should modify the DNS arrangement on your modem. You can also check the advanced router settings and Error code 009 refresh the switch firmware.

Open advanced settings and then choose the option “ACL/MAC address filtering”

Adjust the remote security mode and change the DNS servers.

Check your network connection- Roku Error Code 009 – the first step is to check your network connection. Do check if it is working or not. Make sure your device is receiving wireless signals and your Roku device is connected properly.

Updating the router’s firmware- due to outdated router firmware, you may be facing the Roku error. So, don’t forget to update your router ASAP.

Solving Streaming Stick Roku Error 009

Is your streaming stick working properly? Are you properly able to connect your streaming stick to the internet? Then Roku will display the stick code 009 at the bottom of your display screen. So, in this case, you can follow the above-given steps for resolving error TCLUSA Com Support.

Roku Software Error Using Other Troubleshooting Tips

Roku Error Code 009 Resolving the error may take time. It may be tricky for some users. That is the reason people like to take help from the outsourcing companies which are on the internet. One such company is TCLUSAComsupport. They are an expert in their domain of error handling of Roku devices.

Whatever your query is, they are ready to solve it. They will repair, diagnose and deploy your systems effectively. Best in class services by the team and you can call them at their toll-free number

Roku Error Code 011

TCLUSA Com Support Resolve Roku Error code 011 This guide will help you out. When some users regularly use the Roku device, they face error code 011 Roku “cannot connect to Roku”. The Roku error 011 also means that the software update has failed on the Roku device. Reason of failure can be of full memory size or the bad internet connection.

Solve Roku Error Code 011 | TCLUSA Com Support

Roku error code 011 During the software update process, Roku will connect with the software update server, it will check for device firmware and updates. Error Code 011 on Roku If there are some updates found, then those updates will be automatically be installed. During this process, the device may reboot a few times.

Your internet connection is not strong. Maybe it is providing the intermittent connection.

Maybe the internet server protocol is blocking the Roku device or software update website.

Antivirus or firewall is blocking the Roku access to the internet.

A Way of Unblocking Internet or WiFi Access by an Outsider Antivirus

1: Check the connection – Error 011 Roku

Restart your PC.

Restart your modem and router.

Look for changing by using the LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi.

Boot in Safe Mode with Networking mode and try connecting.

Run the dedicated Windows Troubleshooter.

Update router’s/modem’s firmware.

2: Check firewall exceptions

Roku Error Code 011 Antimalware solution or antivirus cannot block the internet connection. However, with the unifying of various security solutions into one package, we got ourselves third-party firewalls.Those, on the other hand, can and will block your internet connection. Sometimes by error , other times because of the justified suspicion that your network isn’t safe.

3: Reset the antivirus to default settings

If you meddled with the implemented firewall on your own or a peculiar update changed something and thus blocked the internet access, you should just reset the antivirus to its default values.That seems like the best way to resolve the problem at hand. It’s not an unusual practice for antivirus solutions to go bonkers.

4: Reinstall the antivirus

Roku Error code 011 – Finally, if none of the previous steps proved fruitful, the only solution that we can offer is the reinstallation of the antivirus solution.Now, before you navigate to Control Panel and uninstall the antivirus, have in mind that most of the supporting applications that come with the suit are not essential. Meaning .

5: Disable the antivirus

In the end, and we can’t call this a solution but rather a workaround, you might want to disable your antivirus or go for an alternative. Of course, there’s always an option to contact the antivirus support and ask for help.Maybe there’s a bug at hand with the current iteration and you pointing towards it should help developers deal with it swiftly.

What would it be advisable for you to do When You See Roku Error Code 011

During this procedure, the roku will connect to the software update server, check for device firmware updates and channel updates. Any updates found are then automatically installed. The device may reboot a few times during this process.

In case one comes across Roku error 011 code, there can be a few simple explanations.

The internet connection (wifi) is not strong or is providing intermittent connection.

The ISP is somehow blocking either the Roku or one of the software update websites.

An antivirus or firewall is blocking the roku’s access to the internet.

To troubleshoot the roku error 011 please perform the follwing actions:

Click on Try Update Again

Restart the roku by unplugging the power cable for 10 seconds.

Restart your router

If all else fails, try and connect to another wifi network for the update.

If these steps do not resolve the error 011 on your roku TCLUSA Com Support, Once the roku is connected to the internet properly, it should give you the Roku Activation Code or the roku link code. You have to go to and enter the code to activate your roku.

Roku Error Code 012

TCLUSA Com Support  Roku Error code 012 is explicitly an Ethernet-related error. This happens in the Roku spilling gadgets. Ethernet is the conventional innovation for associating wired neighborhood (LANs), empowering gadgets to speak with one another by means of a convention a lot of rules or normal system language. Moreover, when there is some issue occurring inside the Roku gushing gadget identify with association, this error code produces.

How to Remove This Roku 012 Error Code ?

To expel this sort of 012 , you have to Verify that your Ethernet link is safely associated with your Roku gadget and switch. You may test with a subsequent Ethernet link if conceivable. In the event that the link is great, restart your Roku gadget and switch.

Restarting Your Roku Device and Router

TCLUSA Com Support Roku Error code 012 After checking the second link as extraordinary, you have to restart Roku and switch. For that pursue the underneath steps:

To restart the Roku player, go to Settings > System > System restart. To restart Roku TV, go to Settings > System> Power > System restart. You can unplug the Roku gadget from the power source, hold up a couple of seconds, and then reconnect it.

To restart your switch, check guidelines from your ISP or switch seller. Sometimes, you can essentially unplug it and attachment it back in, and in different cases, it might require squeezing a reset catch on the gadget. The two gadgets will take a couple of moments for a total restart.

On the off chance that you have associated your Roku gadget quite a while in the past with your switch, it ought to naturally reconnect. On the off chance that it neglecting to reconnect or you are setting up the Roku gadget just because then complete the system arrangement process.

Resolve Roku Error Code 012

This is the situation when your ethernet cable is not working and also a reason for the occurrence of Roku error code 012 TCLUSA Com Support. If you use Roku box with ethernet cable & it experiencing problems with streaming content, perform a reset of device & ethernet connection.

Step 1

Turn on your television & your Roku digital video player.

Step 2

Roku Error code 012 Navigate the home screen on your Roku box and press up arrow button on your Roku remote for activating the menu bar. If Roku is malfunctioning and you are not able to access the home screen, hold down the reset button given on the back of your box. It would reset the device.

Step 3

Use the arrow button given on the remote for navigating to settings tab visible on the tv screen.

Step 4

Press the ok button on your remote after seeing the factory reset category option.

Step 5

Select the “Factory Reset” option again & press “OK.”

Step 6

Chose “Yes” & press the “OK” button when prompted to confirm your decision. The Roku device resets all your settings which also includes the configuration of the Ethernet connection.

Hope this all works for you in removing the Roku error code 012. Don’t forget to share your thought on this by commenting below. Ask questions in the comment section or contact us for the technical support solutions TCLUSA Com Support.

Roku Error Code 013

TCLUSA Com Support Fixing a Roku error code 013 is mandatory but before this, let’s focus on what it is? This is especially an ethernet related error. You need to check if your router is working properly or not. In this situation, you should restart your Roku device.

How to fix Roku Error Code 013

TCLUSA Com Support Fixing Roku error code 013 If you are not able to connect to internet from another device then you should disconnect and reconnect ethernet cable.

Tips for fixing the Roku error Code 013

• Wireless internet connection will fail if you have chosen the wrong wireless network name.

• If you have entered the password and it is not working, then you should re-enter it. This is the basic step you can follow.

TCLUSA Getting Error Codes When Connecting to Your Wireless Network

TCLUSA Com Support Roku Error code 013 – Wireless network password is simply case sensitive. In case you don’t know the correct password then you can visit the support site of your internet service provider.

On the site, you will find some other method to recover the password. You can also find the password in the bottom of the router so do check there at the bottom.

How to ensure router is properly working or not for getting rid of Roku error 013

How to verify your router is working fine or not when its connected to switch. Make sure your router is connected to switch so your router works properly.

Check the LED

Roku Error code 013 Make sure LED on switch are shining when router is connected. For more information about LED port status indicators,

Check the IP Address of the connected computer

Make sure that the computer connected to the switch is getting an IP Address from the router or the DHCP server.  To learn how to check your IP Address on a computer,

Remember all computers connected to switch belong to same network

The IP Address of each computer in a single network is assigned by the router.  Therefore, if you have several computers connected on a switch which happens to be connected to a router, they should belong to a single network.

Roku Error code 013 To test if your router is working, try to ping one computer using another computer in the same network.  You should be able to do this if the router is working properly.  Your computer’s firewall must be disabled as well.  To learn more on how to check the computer’s connectivity with the router,

• If your network name and password are correct but the Roku device is still not connected to the local area network then there might be the possibility that you have the weak signal. It’s good to check the Roku and router position and the distance between them should be less than other interference sources.

Roku Error code 013 Solution and fixing

• You should restart your Roku device and router because there may be a possibility of the technical error. You can do it by settings>system>system restart.

However, if you are not getting how to resolve the Roku error code 013 then you should visit TCLUSAComsupport  They are a team of ace professionals who will do everything to make your Roku device working in any situation.

Roku Error Code 014

TCLUSA Com Support Fixing Roku Error Code 014 – The Roku player has been intended to be sham verification and to work without issues for 99.99% of the clients. However, with regards to innovation, particularly something that works over the web, issues are natural.

Correspondingly the roku gadget likewise gives issues interfacing with the wifi for certain clients. These issues are more often than not either identified with erroneous client input or inconsistent system assets.

The Roku Device gives error in the configuration XXX.YY where X and Y are numbers. The most widely recognized errors for the roku are Error code 001, Error code 003, Error code 006, Error code 009, Error code 011, Error code 012, Error code 013, Roku Error code 014, Error code 015 and Error code 016.

TCLUSA Com Support The Roku Error code 014 has further sub-codes as Error code 014 .10, Error code 014.11, Error code 014.20, Error code 014.30, Error code 014.40, Error code 014.41, Error code 014.50, Error code 014.62 and Error code 014.64.

While Roku Error 014 all around announce a error while attempting to interface with the remote system. The further sub-codes explain what is the issue while attempting to interface.

From a clients forthcoming, we need to realize how to redress these Errors . So here, we’ll list the means one needs to take In request to correct these errors.

Steps To Resolve the Roku Error Code 014, 014.40

Check that you are trying to connect to the correct wireless network. On a remote controlled screen it is all too easy to select the wrong network name, especially when the names keep changing positions in order to reflect the signal strength, by placing the strongest connection on the top.

Re enter the wireless password correctly. Since the roku has an on screen keyboard, it is very easy to make a error in the wireless password. While facing a wireless connection problem, it is always a good idea to make sure you have the correct password

Check to see that the wireless network is available and other devices are able to connect. Try connecting to the same wifi network using a cellphone or a computer.

Restart the wireless router

Restart the roku player

Try and move the wireless router to increase the available signal strength. If the strength is still low, consider using a wireless repeater or a wifi range extender

Ensure the router firewall is not blocking the roku.

Some routers don’t work well with media streaming devices. Call TCLUSA Com Support to check if your router is compatible. Almost all routers can be made compatible by adjusting their settings.

How Do I Connect My Roku to a New WiFi?

TCLUSA Com Support Roku Error Code 014.40 on Roku device fixing and solution. It is safe to say that most Roku customers here have encountered the dreaded Roku error code 014.40 when trying to connect their roku o the wifi. TCLUSA – Roku Error 014 or error code 014.30 Ever wonder what it really is? Why the error code is coming up? What is it that you are doing wrong?

Error Code 014 on Roku | TCLUSA Com Support

We’ll give you a complete overview of TCLUSA Roku Error code 014.40 and tell you how to resolve it. No matter what Roku model you have, while setting up your roku error code, you are very likely to come across this error. But what is Roku Error 014? TCLUSA Com Support

Resolve Roku Error Code 014.40 | 014.50 | 014.30

Roku Error 014 while perfoming the Roku Setup TCLUSA Com Support, in general entails that the device is not able to get an ip address from your Router. Thus, the device is not able to communicate with the router.

Now there are a number of reasons why the roku might not get a valid ip address. This is properly represented by the device using an error code, in theis case Roku Error 014.40 code TCLUSA Com Support

Troubleshooting Roku Error Code 014, 014.30, 014.40, 014.50, 014.20, 014.60 etc

The proper format for this error is 014.xx where xx is another numeric pair that represents why the roku is not getting a local ip address.

Why does the Error Code 014.40 come up on Roku?

Lets take a step by step approach to this and see how to resolve TCLUSA Com Support Roku error 014. First of all this error comes up immediately after you enter your wifi password into the error code 014 on roku. So, here are the possible reasons we have come across that might bring up this error code.

Resolving Roku Network Error Code 014 | TCLUSA Com Support

You entered the wrong WiFi password

Your router is too far away

You have enabled a whitelist on your router

There is a problem with the network settings on your router

An antivirus or firewall is blocking the roku’s access to the internet

TCLUSA Com Support – Getting Error Codes When Connecting to Your Wireless Network

In our experience as support providers for Roku error code TCLUSA Com Supportwe have come across this issue on a daily basis and can give you some easy steps on how to resolve this issue.

How to resolve Error 014.40 on Roku?

To resolve the Roku error code 014 TCLUSA Com Support, perform the following steps.

Verify you have entered the correct password.

Make sure the router is not too far off. A regular wifi router has a range of about 25 feet in closed areas. However the range is more in open areas.

I “can’t connect” to my wireless network – Error code 

Unplug your router from electricity and give it some rest. TCLUSA Com Support After 30 seconds Plug in the router once again.

Restart the Roku and try again.

For a Roku with ethernet cord, this code simply entails that the wire is not working as expected, Get a replacement ethernet cord.

How do I Connect My Roku to a New WiFi? 

Many reasons can be responsible for the error code 014 TCLUSA Com Support  Roku occurrences. Various customers are facing Roku error code 014 when they try to connect their Roku device showing error code to a wireless connection.

It does not matter what model you use of Roku device but there will be the possibility of error occurrence in your device. When you do the Roku setup, the device may not be able to get an IP address from your router.

What should I do if I cannot connect to my home network or the internet?

This way the device is not able to properly communicate with the router. Basically, TCLUSA Com Support the proper format of error code is 014.14, where xx tells the Roku, has not found the IP address

Why error comes to 014 Error Code Roku device?

These are the following reasons- tclusacomsupport error code 014.30

• Your router is very far.

• You have entered the wrong password.

• You have enabled a white list on your router.

• Router network setting issue – Error Code Roku

• Antivirus or firewall is blocking the Roku device access to the internet

Can I Use Roku Without Internet?

You must verify that you have entered the correct password. If it shows Error Code tclusacomsupport error code 014.30. 

• Make sure you have placed your router in a near zone, it should not be too far off. The regular router should have a range of 25 feet in close areas. This range is more in the open areas.

Roku Error 014: How To Connect Roku To Your Wi-Fi Network

• Error code Roku –  You should unplug your router from electricity. After some gap or rest of a few seconds, you should plug in the router once again.

• You should restart the Roku and try again

• If the Roku device has an ethernet cord, then the code will tell that the wire is not working properly. This is the time for a replacement of wire.

How to Resolve Roku Error Code 014.40

What is Roku Error Code 014.40 on Roku?

If you see an error code on Roku message like TCLUSA Com Support  “Roku error code 014.40” on your Roku device, this means that your device has been affected by the famous error code 014.40. This simply means that Roku cannot connect to the wireless network because you have typed the incorrect password for your network.

Check that you are using the right wireless password for your network and you are using the right network.

Fixing Roku Error Code 014.40 | TCLUSA Com Support

The simple step you can do is reboot the router by unplugging it from the power source and plug it back. Also, change the routers wireless security mode to WPA-PSK. This will resolve your error code 014.40 on Roku.

How to Choose the Correct Name of the Network & Password?

Enter the right name of your wireless network- TCLUSA Com Support You must select a wireless network that is right and perfect because choosing the wrong one can cause an issue with your wireless network connection to fail.

This is a major reason for Roku error code 014.40 if you are sure that your Roku is connected with the right network, find your wireless network name with the help of TCLUSA Com Support.

Error Code 014.40 on Roku Call now for troubleshooting

Enter the password correctly- If you are sure about your wireless password, but still it’s not working then reenter it. It is easy to make a error entering your password, and remember that network passwords are case sensitive. 

Error code Roku 014.40 Enter capital letters by using the shift key on the keyboard. If you don’t know the right password, read the blog carefully for finding your wireless network password.

If the Issue still occurs- Resolving connectivity Issues for Roku Error error code 014.30 – Error codes Restart your Roku device and your router. 

Proceeding your Roku player, go to settings>system>system restart. Also to solve error 014.40 error on Roku, unplug the Roku device from the power source and wait for a few moments & reconnect it.

Error Code 014.40 for Roku

Proceeding your router, Error code 014.40 on Roku confirm the instructions from your ISP or router vendor. In a few cases, you can unplug it & plug it back. In other cases, you may require a pressing reset button on the device.

It may take a few minutes for both devices to restart.

If you have formerly connected your Roku device to your router, it should automatically reconnect. If it is not, or if you are setting up your Roku device for the first time, complete the network setup process.

Connect Roku to a new Wi-Fi – Error 014.40 Fix

Steps you can follow for connecting the Roku to home Wi-Fi:

Power your Roku device

Select settings>network>wireless>setup new Wi-Fi connection

Chose Wi-Fi network from the list

Enter your wireless password for your home Wi-Fi

When you get three green checkmarks, it would indicate that your setup is successful.

Roku Com Support for Solving Error Code 014.40 Hotspot

if you are not able to resolve this error code Roku 014.40 & error code 014.30. We are there for your help for 24 hours and 7 days. We are a company which has its headquarters in the USA. People trust us and we are growing year by year. There is no error in the world which we have not resolved. So just call us without getting any tension.

How to Resolve Roku Error Code 014.30

Roku TV Error Code 014.30 error code 014.30 You will get Roku error code 014.30 if your TCLUSA Com Support Roku TV is not getting a strong enough signal from the router. If a password is right and other devices can access the router but you are still failing to connect your wireless network, most likely your problem is with the strength of the wireless signal. 

TCLUSA Com Support – Roku Error code 014.30 The wireless signal can go weak when you take away your Roku away from router and obstacles like walls between the router and Roku device can also make it weaker.

You may Resolve the Roku error code 014.30 by giving a Restart to the router and Roku device TCLUSA Com Support.

Restart your Roku device & Your Router – Error Code 014.30

TCLUSA Com Support – Roku Errro code 014.30 For proceeding the restart to Roku player, go to settings> system> system restart. You may unplug the Roku from the power source and wait for a few seconds and reconnect it. error code 014.30

Error Code Roku 014.30 For restarting your router, check instructions from your ISP or internet service provider or router vendor. In many cases, you can also unplug it & plug it back to do a restart or in some cases, you may require to press the reset button on the device. 

Both Roku and router will take a few minutes to restart TCLUSA Com Support error code 014.30. error code 014.30 If you have connected your Roku to the router in the past, it would automatically reconnect. If it failing to reconnect, or you are setting your Roku for the first time, complete the network setup process.

Benefits of Restarting your Device – Roku Error 

TCLUSA Com Support error code 014.30 From time to time, your Roku may lose connection with the network, similar to how a computer may lose connection to a wireless network. Restarting a device can help in resolving network issues like calling problems, slow data speeds, poor signal, and messaging issues.

TCLUSA Com Support – Err04 To solve Error code Roku you need to Restarting your device regularly can help in improving performance by closing all of the open background apps that may slow down the performance TCLUSA Com Support  error code 014.30.

Our recommendation: Restart your phone every week. If you are having trouble with your phone, a restart (turning it off and then waiting at least 10 seconds to turn it back on) may help clarify the issue.

Why do you need to Restart the Router?

TCLUSA Com Support Roku Error code 014.30 Routers are small computers: They use memory, a processor, & an operating system. And this means they benefit from a fresh start now & then.

TCLUSA Com Support – Errro code 014.30 Most internet service providers assign a temporary IP address—a series of numbers that function much like a street address—to each of your mobile devices to help them send and receive information. Static addresses are usually reserved for business use but they are more expensive.

The IP address of your device can change at any time. When your router does not catch the change, network connection gets out of sync. So, a quick reboot of your router can set things right.

How to Resolve Roku Error Code 014.50

Roku TV Error Code 014.50

If you see Roku error code 014.50 messages, it means the Roku player cannot join the local network. We are explaining to you three methods for resolving this error. If you see this red X, try the first method:

Try rebooting the router by unplugging it from the power source, then plugging it back in.

Try changing the router’s wireless security mode to WPA-PSK (TKIP).

Talking about my incident of Roku error code 014.50, I would like to tell you how I resolved it. I apologize for upfront if this has been solved but I haven’t seen my symptom reported yet.

Second method: Setup: Hisense Roku TV with DLINK DIR-655 wireless router.

When connected my HI sense Roku tv with D Link router, I got fast downloads and 1080p video quality with uninterrupted services all night. The next day I turn on the TV and can’t connect (no IP address). Try reconnecting using the standard network with no luck (Roku error code 014.50) TCLUSA Com Support .

To solve this, I spend 10 minutes on rebooting my router & Roku system through the secret screen until it finally connected. I also logged in to my router & started changing the wireless channel until Roku is happy again.  

Roku Error Code 014.50 Fix

Once I reconnect, I’m good for the night and it’s a crapshoot if it reconnects the next day. All my devices were working fine and getting 29mbps download speed through the same router and ISP.

TCLUSA Com Support Roku Error code 014.50 was just because of this experiment. My network is set to mixed mode n/g/b, and I have set the router to reserve the same IP for the Hisense or Roku mac just for kicks. The router isn’t in the ideal spot: it’s about 25linear feet away but goes through two internal walls and entertainment center (my other devices connect throughout the house at greater distances/obstacles).

Once connected, the Roku secret antenna screen has one or both antennas in the Green with an SNR of 25 or so. But as I said, it’s a rock star while connected seems to lose its mind after powered off. Roku error code 014.50 was not giving me inconvenience but it was a virtual show stopper for the kids.

Third Method: Restart your Roku device and your router.

For restarting your Roku error code 014.50, go to TCLUSA Com  Support settings>system>system restart. Unplug the Roku device from the power source and wait for a few moments and reconnect it.

For restarting your router, check instructions from your ISP or router vendor. You can unplug it and plug it again and may press the reset button too.

Both the router and Roku will take few minutes for restarting.

How to Resolve Roku Error Code 014.20

You will get TCLUSA Com Support Roku error code 014.20 if your Roku is not getting a strong enough wireless signal from the router. If your password is appropriate & other gadgets can access the router, but you are still failing to connect to your wireless network, the most likely problem is the strength of the wireless signal.

Wireless signal gets weak when you go take away your router from Roku. Obstacles like walls and cabinets between your router and Roku will also weaken the signal.

Error 014.20 code Roku TCLUSA Com Support Restart both of your router and the Roku TV. For instructions on how to restart your router, refer to your router’s user manual or visit the Roku com support website. 

It would take a few minutes before both the router and Roku restart again. If you have connected your router earlier, your Roku will automatically reconnect. If it’s not automatically reconnecting then complete the network setup process of your Roku device.

Roku Error 014.20 Solution and Fixing

If the issue persists, you might have to reset your Roku TV to factory default. This would remove the initial configurations which were made by you on your TV settings and you will have to complete the initial tv setup TCLUSA Com Support.

Make sure you have the Roku and other streaming services account information in hand. You will need to re-enter them once the factory reset is completed.  

What to do to Improve the Wireless Signal Strength- Remove Roku Error Code 014.20

If your password is right and other services can access the router, but your Roku still fails to connect to the wireless network, the problem you can find is with the strength of the wireless signal. Wireless signal gets weaker the farther you take your Roku from router and obstacles between your router & Roku TCLUSA Com Support.

Restart your Roku device and your router for resolving Roku error 014.20

Restart your Roku by going to settings>system>system restart. Unplug Roku from the power source and wait for few seconds & reconnect it.

Restart your router by checking the instructions from your ISP or router vendor.  In most cases, simply unplug it & plug it back again. In other cases, you may require the pressing of the reset button of your router.

Have patience as the router and Roku will take few minutes for restart.

If you have connected your Roku to the router in the past, it would reconnect automatically. If it’s not, complete the network setup process.  

Why Restarting the Router?

Error code Roku solved. Routers are small computers: They use memory, a processor, & an operating system. And this means they benefit from a fresh start now & then.

Maximum internet service providers assign a temporary IP address—a series of numbers that function like a street address—to each of your devices to help them send and receive information. Static addresses are usually reserved for business use but they are more expensive.

The IP address of your router can change at any time. When your router does not catch the change, network connection gets out of sync. So, a quick reboot of your router can set things right.

Using the above guidelines, it will be very easy for you to resolve the issue. But even if you are not able to resolve the error, then you can visit experts at If after  TCLUSA Com Support performing these steps, you still see error then, there is a problem with either you network setting or another device on your network is blocking Roku’s access to the router.

In such a case, the best course of action is to Call TCLUSA Com Support . So, get handy with your laptop and call Roku Com Support and a technician will get your Roku connected successfully.

Roku Error Code 016

TCLUSA Com Support Setting up the Roku is a direct procedure. You select your language, interface with the WiFi and enact your gadget. Numerous clients while setting up the Roku, run into Error Code 016.

This is a web related error and really an obstacle to the arrangement procedure. error code 016, may likewise come up while utilizing the Roku post arrangement and put a break on your amusement.

What is error 016?

While interfacing with the Wi-Fi, Roku flawlessly plays out some system tests to guarantee that the gadget is associated with a decent system and that there will be no further issues to playback. These tests however helpful, have an issue in their development.

As we probably am aware, everybody’s home system setting is unique, there are different network access suppliers and a wide range of modems and switches than we can genuinely keep a track off.

Every one of these factors, represent the essential purpose for a gadget working or not working. If there should arise an occurrence of Roku, the Error code 016 likewise the fundamental driver for the issues made by every one of those factors.

When associated with the Wi-Fi, the Roku gadget checks for 3 distinct snippets of data, without which it can’t stream anything off the web.

Why signal strength goes down in Roku Error Code 016 ?

The Laws of Physics Can Challenge Wi-Fi

Router’s Eco Settings

Router’s Antenna

Router Placement

Driver or Firmware Issues

CPU Frequencies


Built-In 5GHz Network

Router’s Frequency Band

Wi-Fi Monitoring Tools

The Wi-Fi password entered is correct or not.

The local area connection is established and the device has a local i.p. (preferably fixed)

The connection to internet is established and there is no or minimal packet loss.

The third point here, is what throws the Roku Error 016, if the test fails. That means, as a user, you are doing everything correct but, the device is still not able to connect to the internet or the internet connection is not strong enough for the device to work.

What are the reasons behind Error Code 016?

The error Code 016 can be caused by either of the following reasons:

Slow internet speed

No internet connection

Incompatible router settings

Slow or bad router

A DNS failure

ISP blocking

How to Resolve Roku Error 016?

TCLUSA Com Support Roku error code 016 on Roku is an internet related issue, there are only a few things the user can do. If you encounter this issue, please follow these guidelines:

Check if other devices in your home are able to get on the Wi-Fi and connect to the internet. If no other devices is connecting, it is probably an internet outage.

Restart the internet router. Some routers take up to 10 minutes to get back online, wait patiently and retry connecting the Roku.

Do an internet speed test to ensure the Roku is getting proper speed

If none of these steps yield any results, contact TCLUSA Com Support

Network Connectivity Problem – Error code 016 on Roku

When your device is not achieving access to the network through a router then Error Code 016 on Roku is showing. The device setup cannot be accomplished. When you set up the device, it loses internet connectivity. Your channel launching may not be possible. You may see many error messages. These errors will show different times. You can understand by these points-

You are attaching the Roku for the first time.

You have entered the network wireless name.

When the channel is launched and streaming. The internet connection is lost.

A network connection is lost with playback.

All type of Roku Error Code 016 issues is solved by RokuComSupport, a website which has so many technical support experts who will guide you in managing the things related to your Roku. TCLUSAComSupport is always ready to help you out in every circumstance. They are professionals who will assist you for 24 hours and 7 weeks.

Roku Error Code 017

TCLUSA Com Support Roku Error code 017 is a common error in the Roku streaming devices, and it occurs when your Roku device detects poor wireless signal strength.

How to Solve Roku Error Code 017?

TCLUSA Com Support Follow the on-screen instructions to solve Error code 017 on Roku & try moving your Roku device & the router closer to each other. Try points 1 and 2 for removing this error.

Improve the Wireless Signal Strength

If the password of your router is correct & other devices can access it but Roku is failing to connect with a wireless network, this can be due to the strength of the wireless signal.

Troubleshooting Roku Error Code 017

The remote sign becomes feeble when you take your Roku gadget more distant from your switch. This additionally happens when there are more snags (like dividers and cupboards) between your switch and your Roku gadget. pursue these tips for improving your remote sign.

Restart Your Roku Device and Your Router

Restart Roku player by doing this, go to Settings>System>System restart. For restarting your Roku TV, go to Settings > System> Power > System restart. Another approach to restart is to unplug the Roku gadget from the power source. Subsequent to doing as such, Roku Error code 017 hold up a few seconds and reconnect it.

For restarting your switch, check directions from your ISP or switch merchant. Some of the time, you can unplug it and attachment it back in. In different cases, you would require squeezing a reset catch on the gadget.

The two gadgets will restart following a couple of moments.

On the off chance that you once associated your Roku gadget to your switch, it ought to reconnect naturally. On the off chance that it isn’t, finished the system arrangement process. In the event that you are setting up your Roku gadget just because, at that point likewise you require a system arrangement process.

Improve Your Wireless Connection to Remove Roku Error Code 017

Signal strength can vary because of factors such as the amount of wireless traffic and the usage of other devices on your network. If the results from a connection check display reduce, or you experience connection or playback issues inattentive of the results, try the suggestions below to help improve your wireless connection TCLUSA Com Support 

Eliminate Wireless Interference: Cordless phones, microwave ovens, or other wireless devices near your router can cause wireless interference that may affect the quality of your network connection. Move any equivalent device away from your wireless router.

Check with Your ISP: Visit the website of your internet service provider, or ISP (usually your cable or phone company), or contact them directly to inquire about any outages or connectivity-related issues. Make sure you confirm that your internet package provides speeds fast enough for streaming.

Reduce Network Usage by Other Devices: Devices currently accessing the network, such as other streaming players, computers, game consoles, and mobile devices may affect the quality of your network connection. Temporarily stop using any similar device and check if that makes a difference. You may need to reduce the usage of other network devices when using your Roku device.

Move Your Roku Device or Router

Reduce Distance: Roku Error code 017 – Moving your Roku device and router closer to each other will strengthen the wireless signal. If this is not an ideal long-term solution, at least try moving the devices closer temporarily to verify the signal strength is the problem. Sometimes moving each device even, a short distance may make a difference.

Eliminate Obstructions: Install both devices where there are fewer objects and walls between them. If your router or Roku device is inside a cabinet, it’s better to take it out. Reducing the number of obstructions will improve signal strength.

Adjust Router Antennas: If your router has one or more external antennas, try re-orienting the antennas and check the signal strength.

Try an Elevated Location: Try moving your router and/or Roku device to a higher location in the room.

Move Away from the Tv: If your TV is located between the Roku device and the router, try moving the Roku device to a location where the TV is not blocking the wireless signal. If you are using a Roku Streaming Stick, move it away from your TV by installing the free HDMI extender cable.

For further help for technical support services related to Roku errors TCLUSA Com Support don’t forget to visit our website Roku Support

Roku Error Code 018

TCLUSA Com Support Roku error code 018 will occur when your Roku device detects slow internet speeds. Make sure you check with your ISP to know what speed connection you have subscribed to. You can upgrade for a better internet connection.

Steps for Removing the Roku Error Code 018

Check the primary network connection

The first step is that you should check that your internet connection is working perfectly and all the devices are receiving signals. It could be a device like a smart tv or Roku device.

The main reason is not connecting to the internet

If your devices are not connecting with the wireless network, you can use an ethernet cable to connect them to the router.

Error Messages displayed on the Roku Screen due to Poor Connectivity:

Unable to connect to the wireless network: this is a type of error message which displays when you try to connect your Roku device to a network and it did not receive any signal or not able to establish a connection with your home network.

Not connected to the internet: You are enjoying your show or movie with your family and due to some reason, your internet service provider is not working. Due to this, you can also display on your screen.

Roku error code 018 – Loading please wait: with the launch of the channel, you will lose network connection then it displays an error message “loading please wait”

How to Get Fast Internet Connection For Your Error Code 018

Take your internet speed test

Make sure your browser and OS is updated

Check for background activities

Browser tweaks for faster internet surfing

DNS hack for speeding up the internet

Stop torrent downloading and uploading

Free up the unnecessarily used space

Scan and remove adware

Why You Need a Fast Internet Connection to Avoid Roku Error Code 018

We recommend you connect your Roku tv or Roku streaming player to a high-speed internet connection for getting the best quality possible. It won’t interrupt when you stream movies and tv shows.

TCLUSA Com Support Roku error code 018 – All the Roku streaming devices work well with all home broadband services like fiber, cable internet or DSL. If you want to stream movies and tv shows in high picture quality like 4K or 4K ultra HD then you would require even more internet speed. You can contact your ISP for this or ask TCLUSA Com Support about this.


• If things are going worse, you can check your channel providers like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

• Never use mobile hotspots as they are not reliable as compared to home broadband.

The final opinion is to follow the above rules an get rid of error code 018. But if things are not working in your favor, we would recommend you to undoubtedly call us for technical guidance and support for your Roku device.

we are the leading company in technical support in the area of the united states. We have worked on almost every gadget available on the planet so we are pretty experts to take care of you.Trust our experience and don’t forget to visit our website TCLUSAComSupport