How to set up Roku Device

Your Roku device needs to have a setup. Roku device will need the setup connection, internet connection and it will not stream until Roku is connected to the internet. Before how to setup a Roku device to stream thousands of streaming channels, it should be connected to the internet.

Set up a Roku Device

With the Roku boxes and TV’s, you can easily connect with the internet by ethernet or Wi-Fi and with streaming sticks, you can only connect with the Wi-Fi option. In the guide, you will know how to setup a Roku device when you are connecting Roku to Wi-Fi.

For internet connection preparation, you will need the following-
• A Roku streaming stick, box or tv

• A router. It should have both wired and wireless connectivity options. If in any case, the Wi-Fi option is not working for Roku box or tv, you will need to make the connection to your router via ethernet cable.

• Network password.
Connection of Roku to wi-fi
When you are connected with the Roku device with power on, you will be taken to the following steps-

• You will be suggested to choose the wired and wireless connection when you will set up the Roku boxes and tv. For Roku streaming sticks you will not get any wired option because it requires wireless connectivity.

• If you select the wired option, you must connect the Roku box or tv to your router using an ethernet cable. You will find that your Roku device has been connected with your home network and the internet. When you are confirmed you can proceed further in setup Roku device steps

• When you select the wireless part, you will have to go under additional steps for the connection process.

Roku Device Setup

• When you do the first-time setup, your Roku device will automatically find any available signals for networks in the nearby range. You can select from the list of available wireless signals.

• In case you don’t find any home network, you can scan again to search for all networks.

• Once your Roku device confirms that it is available for the network pair up, you should put a password of your network

• So now you have entered the password, click on the connect option which you are seeing. If a password is correct then Roku device will give confirmation of successful connection to your home network and internet.

• When connected, your Roku device will search for the available software or firmware updates, you should download them and install them immediately.

• Now, wait for the process to finish.

You can also connect the Roku to Wi-Fi in a dorm or hotel. This is a great feature of Roku because you can travel with a streaming stick or box and use it in a dorm or hotel. You can use your Roku in any location but make sure the location has Wi-Fi and tv.