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Roku is one of the best media players that allows you to stream a different kind of content online. The streaming player connects with your television and there you go, enjoy the available content. Roku is extremely easy to set up and very easy to use. However, to enjoy streaming content you need an internet connection, create a Roku account, and then only you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, series, movies and a lot more. 

But while setting up Roku if you forget the pin then you need to perform Roku pin reset. The Roku pin is a 4-digit code that can be generated while setting up the Roku account. The account is important as it helps in managing the settings and payments for a different subscription. The pin allows you to make the payment and also complete the subscription to premium channels. It is an important step that Roku refers to as a payment method to complete the subscription of channels. 

So, if you forget the Roku pin you do not have to panic. Get in touch with the Roku technicians who can help you with Roku pin reset and guide you on the steps to generate the pin while setting up a Roku account.

Steps to Follow for Adding & Updating the Roku Pin | Roku Pin Reset

 You may have to perform a Roku pin reset for various reasons that are why it is important to know the steps for adding or updating the Roku pin.

  • Go to
  • Login to your Roku account. Make sure you are adding the right details while logging in to the account.
  • Open the pin settings menu. You can find it under the update option.
  • You can update the pin here by entering the four-digit code under the given section. Here you will be provided with other options as well in the settings menu. So, you can select as per preference.
  • To save the pin click on the save settings option.
  • If you are unable to update the pin or if Roku pin reset is unsuccessful try getting help from the Roku technical support team.

These are simple steps that you can follow for Roku pin reset. However, you also need to understand that the Roku pin account is important information that you need to keep safe and remember it for further use. The pin prevents illegal or unauthorized access to your Roku account so that no one can misuse it. Only the person who has to know the Roku pin can have access to your account. The pin is necessary to make purchases and get subscriptions from the Roku account.

How to Manage Roku Pin for Making Payments Roku Pin?

The Roku pin is an important aspect of your Roku account. As mentioned earlier it allows you to access the Roku account and make successful payments. However, it is also important to manage the Roku pin properly. So, here are a few things that you need to know about the Roku pin.

  • The Roku pin is important for making payments that will allow you to add channels to your Roku device. So, once you complete the payment for purchasing the channel it just won’t be refunded.
  • Every channel does not support payment using the pin in some cases you may have to purchase the channel directly from the provider.
  • While you are adding channels to your Roku account using the pin it won’t affect the streaming of other content on the Roku.
  • For using the pin to complete the payment for purchasing the channel it is important to set the payment on your Roku account.
  • You can use the Roku pin to make payments in an easy and convenient manner.

Roku Pin for Activation | Roku Pin Reset

If you want to perform a Roku pin reset you can easily do it. This allows you to have access to thousands of different channels, all in one place.

As soon as you connect the Roku device with a wi-fi network an activation code is generated. Then you need to visit the Roku com link to update the activation code. Then you will have to sign in to your Roku account to add channels. While adding the channels to your Roku you need to enter the pin for completing the payment, which allows purchasing the channel.

If there is any issue while completing the payment you can opt for Roku pin reset by following the steps mentioned earlier.

Steps for Resetting Roku Pin | Roku Pin Reset

When you set up a Roku account you need to add the payment for this you have to add the Pin. But the good thing is that you can change the pin anytime. Here are the steps that you can follow for resetting the Roku pin.

  • Open the Roku website on the desktop. Then log in to your Roku account by adding the correct details.
  • Then select the pin preference section and press the update option.
  • Choose the option for disabling the pin security.
  • Then save the changes.
  • The select pin preference and select the option as per your preference.
  • Then select the pin code to enter where required.
  • Then save the changes to save the reset pin.

Using the Roku pin is a great way to provide security to your Roku account. It allows you to keep a check on the access of the Roku account and avoid unauthorized access. While Roku pin is also allowing you to make payments while purchasing and adding channels to your account. However, if you forget the Roku pin then it can be a little tiring. But do not panic as you can easily perform a Roku pin reset. 

In this guide, we have covered the steps that can help you in resetting the Roku pin. But if you are confused in any step you need to get help from the Roku technicians. The Roku experts will guide you on how to reset the pin for the Roku account so that your account is safe and secure. And also, for you to make successful payments while adding channels.

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