How to Install Sony Crackle on Roku

Have you been wanting to ditch the cable and opt for streaming content using a media player? Then Crackle on Roku is a great option to consider. In today’s time, everybody wants to stream videos without any hassle. That is why streaming content using a media player like Roku is a great option to consider.

If you want to stream movies, tv-series, tv shows, then all you need is Crackle subscription. Lately, there has been a huge demand for streaming content online. You can install Crackle app on Roku and watch free of cost the channels. If you are someone who enjoys watching the online content then the Crackle is a thing for you. For this, you need to scroll through the home menu and check out all of the interesting content available on Crackle.

How Can you Complete Setup for Crackle?

So, now that you have made up your mind of getting Crackle on Roku, you also need to understand the steps required to set up Crackle. If you are experiencing any issue while using the Crackle app on Roku then you can get in touch with the Roku support team for help.

  • Turn on the personal computer or laptop and then open the web browser.
  • Then open the official website for Crackle to complete the activation.
  • Now, you will have to complete the steps to create an account. If you already have a Crackle account then all you need to do is signup. If you are facing any problem while creating Crackle account then get in touch with the Roku team for support and help.

Fill in the details as mentioned to complete the steps for activation. Remember that you need to add the username and password correctly while trying to sign in.

Steps to Activate Crackle on Roku?

The next thing that you need to know is the steps required to activate Crackle app on Roku. You need to complete the steps mentioned above to complete the sign-in, only then you will be able to activate the Crackle on Roku.

  • On the Roku remote press the home button.
  • Now, navigate the remote to open the Roku channel store.
  • Then search for the Crackle channel on the search bar. All you need to do look for ‘Crackle’ on the search icon.
  • Now, select the option to add the channel option.
  • Once you complete the installation of the channel wait until the app is downloaded.
  • As soon as the installation of Crackle app on Roku is done, you will receive an activation code on the screen.
  • Now, go to the official site for Crackle and add the activation code. Then select the activate button to add the app on the Roku player.
  • You can now check the Roku player and see that the app is successfully added. However, if you are experiencing any problem in the activation of the Crackle channel app on Roku. Then contact the Roku technicians for help.

Crackle App Problems on Roku: How to Fix It?

 While you are trying to activate the Crackle app on Roku there are chances of coming across through issues. While the best thing you can do if there is an issue in activating Crackle on Roku is to get help from the technical support team. Here we are going to discuss some of the basic troubleshooting solutions to fix the problem.

The Video is not Loading

While using the Crackle app on Roku experiencing buffering or loading issues is very common. A slow internet connection is more likely to cause this problem. To stream good quality content in high definition without any interruption the speed of the internet should be at least 9 Mbps. You can try to restart the router to fix this problem or opt for an ethernet cable connection. 

 If the internet connection is causing the issue then get help from the Roku technicians by calling 1-855-554-1912.

A Problem in Activating Crackle

Though activating the Crackle app is quite easy as you only need to follow a few steps to complete the activation. However, if you are unable to load the website then there are chances that the site is down. So, all you can do is wait until the problem is fixed. But if you are unable to find the activation code on the screen then you need to go to the crackle menu and select activation option.

If you are still experiencing trouble accessing the activation code, get in touch with the Roku experts on 1-855-554-1912.

These are some of the steps that you need to follow to activate the Crackle on Roku. But if there is an issue in activating or streaming the content. They will guide you through the steps so that you can enjoy watching your favorite tv shows, series, movies and much more at any time.