Installing Sling TV on Roku | Activate Sling TV

A Complete Guide on Installing Sling TV on Roku | Activate Sling TV

Are you still using cable TV? Then you must be familiar with streaming errors. How about getting Sling TV on Roku? Well, Sling TV is a great option for all those who are tired of troublesome streaming problems they have to face daily with cable TV. The Sling TV allows you to watch your favorite channels like HBO Now, HBO Go, ESPN, Fox News, CNN and others without any hassle at a budget-friendly price. Besides, Sling TV also offers you a live streaming option.

So, if you want to install Sling TV on the Roku player then we have got a complete guide for you. But if you are looking for an immediate response then get in touch with our team of professionals. They will assist you with the installation/activation of Sling TV.

Guide for Sling TV on the Roku

Sling TV is a great option for all those who are looking forward to watching on-demand channels, TV shows on their devices. Just like any other Cable TV or satellite subscription the Sling TV allows you to stream content however, it runs on the internet. Besides, you also need a media streamer like Roku before installing the Sling TV.

So, if you want to activate/install Sling TV then you can follow these steps for help. However, if you need more assistance then get help from the technical support team.

Moreover, Sling TV has come up with a plan that allows all of the Roku users to have free access. So, the new Roku users can watch free of cost movies, shows and other content on Sling TV. Moreover, there are other features also introduced for Sling TV on Roku player users.

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Steps to Install Sling TV on the Roku

Roku is a streamer device where you can add Sling TV and enjoy streaming your favorite content. However, first, you do need to complete the installation of Sling TV. Follow these steps for more information or you can get help from the Roku technical support team for a quick solution.

  • Plugin and turn on the TV. Also, switch on the Roku player.
  • Press and select the home button on your device. Use the remote to reach the home screen.
  • Open the Roku channel store.
  • Use the navigation button on the remote to search for the channels. Press the right button on the remote.
  • Type the name of the channel and then press ok to add channels.
  • Now, you can see the Sling TV option on the Roku channel store. Select it.
  • If you are unable to add the channel then get help from the Roku experts.

Steps to Activate Sling TV on the Roku

If you want to activate Sling TV on the Roku then do not worry as here is a quick guide for you. However, if you need a quick solution get in touch with the support team for Roku as they can help you in detail.

  • Add the Sling TV channel on your Roku player. If you are having any issue in adding the channel feel free to set help from the experts.
  • Add you Roku account details.
  • The next step you need to create a Sling TV account.

Once the activation of Sling TV on Roku is complete you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, series, and movies. However, many users complain about facing issues with Sling TV after the activation.

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Sling TV on the Roku Player Issues: Quick Fixes

 Here is what you can do if you are having a hard time with Sling TV on Roku.

  • Logout of the Roku account and then login to fix the streaming errors.
  • Uninstall the Sling TV app and then re-install it again.
  • Verify your internet connection. Also, a quick reboot will help in fixing the errors.
  • Power Cycle the Roku player.
  • Try reloading the channels.
  • Remove the troublesome channels.

We have tried our best to explain the steps for installation and activation of Sling TV on Roku. However, sometimes you may get stuck in the middle and need a more technical solution. Then feel free to contact the Roku experts. They will not only help you with the installation on Sling TV on the Roku player but also resolve any other issues with it.

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