Roku Error Code 016 Troubleshooting | Error Code 016 Fix

Roku Error Code 016

Setting up the Roku is a very straightforward process. You select your language, connect to the WiFi and activate your device. Many users while setting up the Roku Error Code 016.

This is an internet related error and honestly a hurdle to the setup process. Error code 016, might also come up while using the Roku post setup and put a break on your entertainment.

What is Roku Error Code 016

While connecting to the Wi-Fi, Roku seamlessly performs some network tests to ensure that the device is connected to a good network and that there will be no further issues to playback. These tests though useful, have an issue in their construction.

As we know, everyone’s home network setting is different, there are various internet service providers and all kinds of modems and routers than we can honestly keep a track off.

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All these variables, account for the primary reason behind a device working or not working. In case of Roku Error code 016 also the main cause for the issues created by all those variables.

Once connected to the Wi-Fi, the Roku device checks for 3 different pieces of information, without which it cannot stream anything off the internet.

Why signal strength goes down? – Roku Error code 016 occur

  • The Laws of Physics Can Challenge Wi-Fi
  • Router’s Eco Settings
  • Router’s Antenna
  • Router Placement
  • Driver or Firmware Issues
  • CPU Frequencies
  • Channel
  • Built-In 5GHz Network
  • Router’s Frequency Band
  • Wi-Fi Monitoring Tools

1. The Wi-Fi password entered is correct or not.

  1. The local area connection is established and the device has a local i.p. (preferably fixed)
  2. The connection to internet is established and there is no or minimal packet loss.

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The third point here, is what throws the Roku Error code 016, if the test fails. That means, as a user, you are doing everything correct but, the device is still not able to connect to the internet or the internet connection is not strong enough for the device to work.

What are the reasons behind Error Code 016?

The error Code 016 can be caused by either of the following reasons:

  • Slow internet speed
  • No internet connection
  • Incompatible router settings
  • Slow or bad router
  • A DNS failure
  • ISP blocking

How to resolve Roku Error 016?

Since error 016 on Roku is an internet related issue, there are only a few things the user can do. If you encounter this issue, please follow these guidelines:

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  1. Check if other devices in your home are able to get on the Wi-Fi and connect to the internet. If no other devices is connecting, it is probably an internet outage.
  2. Restart the internet router. Some routers take up to 10 minutes to get back online, wait patiently and retry connecting the Roku.
  3. Do an internet speed test to ensure the Roku is getting proper speed

If none of these steps yield any results, contact Roku Technical Support

What should I do if I cannot connect to my home network

How to Solve Roku error code 016 occurs in Roku streaming devices. Roku streaming device is a popular gadget that offers a video channel. It can connect with the internet and have some paid plans as well. These plans will bring you great entertaining tv channels. Roku device is connected to the internet and tv.

How to fix Error code 016 of Roku streaming box

It transfers visual media to tv. The Internet gives easy to play feature for the Roku device. The user connects their device to LAN (local area network). As every gadget can cause Roku error code 016, the Roku device too can cause an error.

What is Roku error code 016?

Roku error code 016 occurs when your device is unable to attach to the internet. You will get a message regarding that. You will see a message “unable to connect to wireless network”. You will get a complete solution to this problem in the below points.

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Network connectivity problem – Error code 016 on Roku

When your device is not achieving access to the network through a router then Error Code 016 on Roku is showing. The device setup cannot be accomplished. When you set up the device, it loses internet connectivity. Your channel launching may not be possible. You may see many error messages. These errors will show different times. You can understand by these points-

Error Code 016 / Local Net Connection

  • You are attaching the Roku for the first time.
  • You have entered the network wireless name.
  • When the channel is launched and streaming. The internet connection is lost.
  • A network connection is lost with playback.

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Always check the Roku connection

It’s shows the Roku error code 016 when the connection breaks or signal strength is down. For connection checking, you need to follow the following steps-

  • Click on the settings option first
  • Then you have to go to the network option
  • Now click on the check connection option
  • Now you have to verify the strength of the signal and connection of your Roku device.
  • It will show the speed of the internet when you do the quality check.
  • You have to fix the issue if the speed is slow.

Make sure you fix the router closer to the Roku device. If your router signal breaks then it will show you an error. The best quality picture is provided by a high strength signal.

All type of Roku Error Code 016 issues is solved by RokuComSupport, a website which has so many technical support experts who will guide you in managing the things related to your Roku

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